Tips for Becoming a Web Development Conference Speaker

Is this the first time you have been invited to speak at a web development conference? Well, then you need a lot of preparation to ensure that everything goes well. Thousands of people and experts attend the web development conference.

So, there will be people who will be judging you from your speech. You need to be very careful and well prepared for the event. Here are some tips for you.

Choosing a topic

You should choose a topic that you are confident about. The topic must be relevant to the event and trendy as well. People at the conference always want to know something new. So, you can talk about the innovations or latest practices that you do at your work.

Have sound technical knowledge

You must have the sound technical knowledge to become a speaker at such a conference. So do some homework and go through the basics. The conferences usually have a question-and-answer session. You should be able to give answers to the audience’s questions.

Connect with the audience

You shouldn’t just speak by reading your slides; that will be very boring. Instead, you should try to connect to the audience. Try to look into their eyes and speak in a friendly tone. You should tell stories rather than theories. Once your audiences start listening to you, your confidence level will increase.


You must practice your speech many times before the conference. Practice it in front of your friends and colleagues and ask them to give feedback. That way you will get a chance to improve.

Once you follow these steps, you can speak at the conference confidently. You should remember that you are chosen to be a speaker because you have achieved great things in your career.

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