Speakers at the Loop Conf – The Conference for WordPress Casino Developers

The online casino industry is growing, and people now play in online casinos like karambacasino.co.uk. The casino developers always try to develop a good site so that it’s easier for the gamblers to play. If you are a casino developer, then you must take part in the Loop Conf conference.

This is an event for the WordPress casino developers. This conference will allow casino developers to talk about advanced development topics in the casino industry. A group of talented speakers will be addressing the event.

Topics like WordPress development for the casino sites, integrating casino bonuses, and others will be discussed. It is a three-day event where the prospect of WordPress in the online casino industry will be discussed. Here are some of the speakers who you will meet at this conference.

Iya Grigorik

He is a web developer and web performance engineer at Google. His job is to make the web fast and adopt performance best practices. He will be one of the speakers at the event and talk about how the performance of the website can be made better.

Syed Balkhi

He is an award-winning entrepreneur and the owner of the Balkhi Foundation. More than 19 million websites use the software built by his company. He is the creator of WPBeginner, the biggest free WordPress resource site. Among his many ventures, he recently acquired SearchWP, an advanced WordPress search plugin.

Mike Schinkel

He is the President of NewClarity LLC. He has many years of experience in web technology. He is the founder of Atlanta Web Entrepreneurs. He is a great inspiration for young web developers today.

Creating a great casino website can be exciting and challenging at the same time. If you plan to do the entire coding yourself, then you should think of the casino WordPress theme. These speakers will be talking about WordPress and how you can fully utilise it to create your casino website.

Benefits of Speaking at Web Design Conferences

A web designer’s career is challenging, competitive, and rewarding as well. The work of a web designer is easy to judge, and people have high regard for a good web designer.

Web design conferences are held so that the experts in this sector can gather and talk about the latest innovations and trends in the field. These conferences are very popular, and thousands of attendees participate in them every year to learn new things about web designing.

If you have been working in the web designing sector for many years and have achieved remarkable milestones, then you will surely get noticed. The conference organisers pick up speakers based on their LinkedIn profiles or other sources. They try to find experts in the field who can give new knowledge to the audiences at the conference and share their own experiences.

Being a speaker at a conference has several benefits. First of all, it provides great exposure as an expert web designer. If you own a company or work in one, then your exposure will create a positive brand image for your company. People will know which company you know or who you work for.

Secondly, you get a lot of networking opportunities. As a speaker, you have more chances of interact with the attendees. They will be interested in talking to you and exchanging their contact information. You will notice that rather than you chasing others for business opportunities, they will chase you.

Thirdly, by speaking and sharing your journey as a web designer you will be inspiring thousands of web designers who have just started their careers. You will feel good when others will get motivated by your speech.

You will get constant feedback from others regarding your speech. This will help you to learn something new and also improve your speech. Next time, you can incorporate those feedback in preparing for your next presentation.

How To Attend Virtual Web Design Conferences

The pandemic has taught us to do many things virtually and attending conferences is one of them. Even this year, many web design conferences are taking place virtually. Whether you are just participating or a speaker, you need to take some preparation before you join such an event. Here are some tips for you.

Know the tool

Zoom, Webinar, or another tool will be used for the conference. You need to be accustomed to using these tools. After you install it on your computer, you need to set up your profile, picture, and other details. You need to learn about options like chatting, talking, and other things.

Be well dressed

Even if it’s a virtual conference, you need to be well dressed just like the physical conferences. Experts in web design will be attending the conference and you need to leave a good impression on them.

Be prepared

Web design conference is an opportunity to learn more about the field. So, you should do some homework and be prepared with the questions you want to ask the speakers. You should be able to take away some new knowledge from the conference.

Be confident

If you are a speaker then be confident. You will be sharing your slide on the screen, but you can also keep notes on paper to help you present. Make sure you sit in a quiet room so that external noise cannot interfere with your presentation.

Make sure you note down the date and time of the conference so that you can be on time for the event. Keep your family in the loop so that they don’t interfere with something else during the conference.

Tips for Organising a Web Development Conference

Web development is an ever-growing field of technology. Now and then, new technology is coming up and web developers are utilising those to develop better websites. They focus on improving the performance of the web so that they get more traffic. A good website can also improve the brand image of any business.

To make web developers aware of the latest trends and innovations in the field, a conference can be arranged. Here are some tips for organising a web development conference.

Choose a theme

Web development is a vast field of study. You need to pick up a specific theme for the conference. You can do some research on the topics about web development that are talked about in technology magazines, social media, or other tech conferences. That way you will get an idea.

Gather your team

You need to have a good team to arrange everything. You should have a planning team, administration team, marketing team, sponsorships team, and many volunteers to make your event a successful one.

Make a business plan

You should have a solid business plan for the conference. You must first decide on the budget. Then find out a good venue to hold the conference. You should arrange for the hotels, catering, transportation, and other logistic support. You must make a good marketing plan so that you have lots of audiences at the conference.

Choose speakers

Speakers are the major attraction of web development conferences. You should think about your target audiences and find out which speakers will be appropriate for them. Choose speakers who have made a mark in their field with their creativity and talent. Their works must be relevant to the topic of your conference. Make sure they hold a prestigious position in their career.

Get sponsorships

You must look for sponsorships for the event. If the topic is trendy and you can invite good speakers, then many companies will be willing to sponsor the event.

If you have the right resources and manpower, you will be able to organise the conference quite comfortably. Proper planning will help to make your event a successful one.

Tips for Becoming a Web Development Conference Speaker

Is this the first time you have been invited to speak at a web development conference? Well, then you need a lot of preparation to ensure that everything goes well. Thousands of people and experts attend the web development conference.

So, there will be people who will be judging you from your speech. You need to be very careful and well prepared for the event. Here are some tips for you.

Choosing a topic

You should choose a topic that you are confident about. The topic must be relevant to the event and trendy as well. People at the conference always want to know something new. So, you can talk about the innovations or latest practices that you do at your work.

Have sound technical knowledge

You must have the sound technical knowledge to become a speaker at such a conference. So do some homework and go through the basics. The conferences usually have a question-and-answer session. You should be able to give answers to the audience’s questions.

Connect with the audience

You shouldn’t just speak by reading your slides; that will be very boring. Instead, you should try to connect to the audience. Try to look into their eyes and speak in a friendly tone. You should tell stories rather than theories. Once your audiences start listening to you, your confidence level will increase.


You must practice your speech many times before the conference. Practice it in front of your friends and colleagues and ask them to give feedback. That way you will get a chance to improve.

Once you follow these steps, you can speak at the conference confidently. You should remember that you are chosen to be a speaker because you have achieved great things in your career.

Top Web Development Events Taking Place in 2021

Web development is a very demanding task today. Almost every business now requires a website and so the web developers are always busy. New things are happening in this field and web developers need to keep track of everything.

Attending web development events is one of the best ways to be updated with the industry news, trends, and innovations. Here are some of the major web development events in 2021.

Deep Learning 2.0 Virtual Summit

This event focuses on enterprise AI, reinforcement learning, ethics, and social responsibility, and more. Here people will learn about the new tech advancements that can be applied to AI solutions to solve various challenges in business and life.

You will know how you can apply AI to web development. Both academic and business experts will be speaking at the event. You will get the opportunity to get examples of real-world scenarios.

Web Directions Hover

Over many years, CSS has been the most important factor behind the topography, layout, and other web design features. In this event, there will be a discussion on CSS and the experts in this field will share their knowledge and talk about the developments and future of this field in web design and development.

DigiMarCon Online 2021

It is one of the largest digital marketing events this year. Here the speakers will talk about improving lead generation techniques, sales, getting more engagement, and more. You will learn how to build traffic on your website and improve customer service.

DevOps Pro Europe 2021 Hybrid Edition

In this event, you will learn about DevOps technology. You will know about the DevOps development practices, deployment, and maintenance of the applications. There will be discussions and question-answer sessions.

These events will provide you with great opportunities to learn more about web development, the new tools, concepts, and more. You will become a better web developer by attending these events.