Speakers at the Loop Conf – The Conference for WordPress Casino Developers

The online casino industry is growing, and people now play in online casinos like karambacasino.co.uk. The casino developers always try to develop a good site so that it’s easier for the gamblers to play. If you are a casino developer, then you must take part in the Loop Conf conference.

This is an event for the WordPress casino developers. This conference will allow casino developers to talk about advanced development topics in the casino industry. A group of talented speakers will be addressing the event.

Topics like WordPress development for the casino sites, integrating casino bonuses, and others will be discussed. It is a three-day event where the prospect of WordPress in the online casino industry will be discussed. Here are some of the speakers who you will meet at this conference.

Iya Grigorik

He is a web developer and web performance engineer at Google. His job is to make the web fast and adopt performance best practices. He will be one of the speakers at the event and talk about how the performance of the website can be made better.

Syed Balkhi

He is an award-winning entrepreneur and the owner of the Balkhi Foundation. More than 19 million websites use the software built by his company. He is the creator of WPBeginner, the biggest free WordPress resource site. Among his many ventures, he recently acquired SearchWP, an advanced WordPress search plugin.

Mike Schinkel

He is the President of NewClarity LLC. He has many years of experience in web technology. He is the founder of Atlanta Web Entrepreneurs. He is a great inspiration for young web developers today.

Creating a great casino website can be exciting and challenging at the same time. If you plan to do the entire coding yourself, then you should think of the casino WordPress theme. These speakers will be talking about WordPress and how you can fully utilise it to create your casino website.